Our Research Advisory Board

As the data and taxonomy world is rife with innovation and change, we often come up with ideas for new research. Given our limited resources, we vet these ideas with people we have come to know, who have deep experience, strong understanding, solid judgment and clear vision.

We bounce our ideas for research off them as a group, and use their perspectives and insights to inform and conform what we do.

The current members of the Freedom-Group Research Advisory Board are:

linked-in-icon Scott Brown linked-in-icon Michael Michaleczko
linked-in-icon Erik Bergeman linked-in-icon Pramod Sinha
linked-in-icon Brian Farley linked-in-icon Michael Smart
linked-in-icon David Herman linked-in-icon Tim Landy
linked-in-icon Ralph Hertlein linked-in-icon Suresh Damodaren
linked-in-icon Wolfgang Wilkes linked-in-icon Mike Young
linked-in-icon Claire Karas linked-in-icon Richard Hyland 
linked-in-icon Steve Arens linked-in-icon Sharky Jacaway

They serve at their pleasure.

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