Segment 51 Codes

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Below you will find the listing of Pharmaceuticals in Segment 51 of the V 171001 version of UNSPSC.

Our intention here is to help educate the business and governmental spheres on the power and utility of UNSPSC with a current focus on healthcare. As Segment 51 evolves and as Segments 42, 41 and 85 are developed, we will post like capabilities here at Access to this and those in the future listings are (and will be) free of charge and open to the public at large. We do this at the pleasure of both The United Nations Development Programme and GS1 US

This represents the latest update including the New Layered Definition approach, which will be expanded throughout all of UNSPSC in the next few years. If you wish to see the official slide deck explaining this specification in more detail kindly contact Scott Brown, The executive Director of UNSPSC at

The listing below provides proofs of the major linkages (through hyperlinks) to each of the pharmaceuticals listed. Simply speaking to get into the definition/description as a reference point a linkage must have been captured and approved as correct. To make this more explicit if a chemical compound is not found in any of the four link proofs then no link to them exists.

UNSPSC is well into its transformation to become the global leader in Product and Services Code Schemas. This mission is partially enabled by the scientific and systematic approach offered through the Layered Definition approach that we (at helped engineer and implement.

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Search hint: If you are searching for a term that is commonly part of other words, add a space before the word, i.e. instead of "peas" add a space before the word " peas"


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